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So, I got a new job several weeks ago and I love it. Everything has been on the up and up and running smooth. I get along with the person I work directly with however that person may be relocated to another state in a few months due to another site is opening up.

I got a message today from one of my old co-workers telling me that an offer was given to a person that I previously worked with who is awful. This person was one of the reasons I left my last job and to think I might be stuck with them has pretty much killed my day. What I mean by awful is that they dumped their certs (even brag about it), are completely clueless because they don't know anything, constantly acts helpless trying to get someone else to bail them out and is just overall annoying. Note that this is still a few months away.

This is a rumor. But the source is pretty reliable and I don't want to be stuck with that person. I thought about contacting the head manager but I don't know if that is wise or not. Does anyone have any advice for something like this?


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    Why in world would you make a fuzz based on a rumor? Even if true, think about how it's going to look when you start complaining before the guy even gets there.
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    I don't recommend you complain. Your new to the company yourself and nothing has happened yet. If your asked about him you could be more honest but otherwise it will make you look like the bad guy.
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    Thanks fellas, I just needed to relax for awhile and your comments to avoid being rash and stupid. As always, appreciate it.
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    As its just a rumor its more appropriate to sound it out then just go straight into it. I dont know how close your with the head manager. If im in that situation, i will find a chance to sound it out, maybe during his pantry break or something.

    After the usual greetings and general concern talk, you can then try to bring it up and ask out of curiosity about how the position is going to be fill. You can come from the angle to say that ur looking to recommend some ex colleague or friends if he is interested. If he continue on and give more information about the rumor, you can snag that opportunity to give ur feedback, if not then there is really nth u can do.
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    Don't get so worked up with this rumor. Such a waste of energy!
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    avoid being rash and stupid.

    Where's the fun in that? :)
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    I agree with the other comments. It's best to see what happens. If this guy does join, just wait for him to mess up, and if he has used ****, he will. Then you can pass that information onto management and let them deal with it.

    Failing that, kidnap the guy, torture him, and spend your life on the run moving from state to state using different identities, until you finally give yourself in, spend the next 10 years in the slammer sharing a room with a serial killer psychopath, come out and get revenge on your company for not listening to you in the first place :)

    I vote for plan B, sounds more exciting.
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    What you should do it encourage your boss to hire him. Befriend him. Be the best person in his life and a solid rock in his life that he can bounce his feelings off of. Be his wing man and help him find his wife. Be the best man in his wedding and give a riveting speech. When he has his first child, just whisper in that baby's ear, "Daddy's a dumper".
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    Wouldn't worry to much. Let the guy fail if he's that bad. If anything, use that as an opportunity to look good in front of your boss by being an exemplary employee. They'll see the contrast on their own and handle him accordingly. Just focus on yourself, help him only if it impacts your own work.
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