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Finally, I took the exam. The exam is very long. I don't like the open book concepts, but it is helpful because SANS certification cover too many topics. I don't feel the CBT and study guides cover all the necessary information for the exams. If you though your foundation of IT knowledge will help, then you are wrong. You really need to put your mind to this exam just like CISSP. Here is just my two cents. Most of the study guides cover all the topics, but not in greater detail. You really need to know about the what, why and pro/con on the topics. I will highly recommend you create your own study guide. I took a look at the CISSP Sunflower and it is even more confusion on some of the issues. You shall look for what is best for you in your own term. I shall take more time to study.
Now, time to ask my boss if the company will pay for the other exams.
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    congratulation for passing the exam.
    Have you taken SANS CISSP training, or you just took the exam? if you have taken the training, what do you think about it? Do I need to read other books other that their material?
    thank you and again congratulation.
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