Job Interviews While Being Currently Employed

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I'm currently employed and have reached the point that I need to move on. How does one handle scheduling face to face interviews with another company while currently employed? Do you fake illness? Take PTO? What happens if you don't have enough PTO to cover a job interview?



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    #1 choice: Long lunch break
    #2 choice: "Dr. Appointment" for a couple of hours or a half day
    #3 choice: Day off to "do errands"

    I've done it with not enough PTO and forget which of the above I used.
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    I normally either come in late for an "Appointment", or just take PTO.

    To be fair most of the places I have worked have been pretty flexible, so they had no issues with the appt.
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    Yep you're going on a "vacation" that day if you can use PTO. If they won't let you use PTO in short notice just call in sick. Better if you can do an earlier or later interview appointment though. Just say you have a doctor's appointment. That way you're still getting at least a half day at work and don't have to waste the whole day.
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    or after work..or before work..
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    or after work..or before work..

    Same here.
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    I realize that sometimes people realize they made a mistake and need to interview after getting a new job but otherwise, you should always leave a few PTO days unused for this kind of situation.
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    Just don't do what one of my old coworkers did and show up to work in a business casual environment in a suit on days when you have "a doctor's appointment" hah. It became the running joke, he insisted he was just trying to randomly dress up, then he left a few weeks after.

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    If your boss won't take it personally, you could always just tell him/her that you've been looking around and you found a possibly great opportunity that would help to advance your career. Who knows? They might even give you a raise or promotion to try to get you to stay. I've worked for some that took it personally if you said the slightest negative thing about the company while others would understand and try to help.
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