He can't help it. He just works there.

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    I'd appreciate the frankness.
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    I'm assuming OP is non-white and applied for an English teacher job.

    Interestingly, it doesn't seem to be a problem in Japan. I've had multiple friends of Chinese and Filipino descent teach English there.

    I also have a Polish friend with a pretty thick accent that went to Korea to teach English there... If you ever meet a Korean person that talks like Melania Trump meets Vladimir Putin, you know who to blame.
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    LeBroke wrote: »
    I'm assuming OP is non-white and applied for an English teacher job.

    Well it was an associate, but hit the nail on the head. They were looking for some part time online work. They teach via webcam.
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    Sounds like more of a market demand problem for you than a problem with that company.
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    China isn't the US so they don't have all the anti-discrimination laws we do over here.
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