Issue with WSUS/IIS

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Good morning gang,
Have a question re. wsus (not sure if this is the right place and I apologise if I am wrong!). during my studies for the 290, I installed wsus (before I realised that the 290 is based on the SUS version!). The problem I had was weird in the sense that I installed IIS and set up wsus and the web interface was working in the sense that you could configure it to download updates etc. However I have encountered two problems.

1. the WSUS cannot see any computers in the domain (admittedly I only have the one computer on the domain and one server running XP and wk2003 respectively) I then rebooted the server after a hard nights nerding out. When I came back the following day to try and work the issue out I now get the old "Page cannot be displayed" message, I can still access the Internet etc but not WSUS default page.

I was thinking of uninstalling WSUS altogether and starting from scratch with SUS as well as removing IIS and doing the same but thought that I would check it out with you guys first?

thank you in advance for and words of wisdom that you may have!
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