What does "Provisionally PASSED" CISM means

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I took CISM yesterday and "Provisionally Passed". What does that mean? Can I still fail when Official score are released in 10 days? Has anyone ever failed CISM after Provisionally passing the exam?


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    I hope not! ... I also passed on Friday, so hoping that my preliminary pass, is an actual pass!
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    From reading the CISM requirements, you would have already passed the exam, but there is an application process to apply to ISACA membership. Until your membership is approved from ISACA you are not technically a CISM, hence the "provisional pass". I suspect the testing materials you got at the test center mention you will get an email to continue an application process. You have to prove you have required on the job experience or education, etc. to ISACA. This is a similar process for the ISC2 certification process.
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    "provisionally passed" means you passed, unless you gave some seriously wonky answers that makes their psychometric algos infer that you were cheating, or there were technical glitches during the exam that were beyond anyone's control. So congratz!

    Note: being "fully CISM certified" is the vetting that comes after passing the exam.
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    Thanks JDMurray...
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    ISACA's bread and butter is auditing so assume they probably have another group of people taking a second look at your exam results. From my little world in the DOD, never met someone who failed after receiving the provisional pass.
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    Thanks Lucky.. I feel much better now icon_smile.gif
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    Received the email today from isaca confirming that I passed. It took 10 days, not 10 business working days!
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