Passed CISA 22/09/18

KPMG1000KPMG1000 Member Posts: 9 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hey guys- just to report that I passed CISA yesterday. Genuinely thought I hadn't though as was definitely a tough tough exam. As people have said on here, it's definitely heavily focused on governance vs technical IT. I was expecting difficult worded English (i'm a native English speaker from the UK) from people had also said, but didn't find this at all- very straight forward language. The questions are mega ambiguous though. I read the manual 3 times through and spent 34 hours on the question DB and was still left scratching my head at some of the questions. One of those exams where if you took all your notes in it would still be challenging as the options they give you for each question really mess with your mind.

Good luck to those taking it in the next test window- smash the question DB and really get into the ISACA mindset of answering the questions.



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