CISA - Career Path Advice?

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Hi all!

My first post on TechExams! Hopefully I can be clear and concise...

I've been studying for my CISA exam the last few months. Friday I took the exam, and I passed (preliminary)! While I'm excited for myself, I'm having a little bit of trouble figuring out what I should do when it comes to my career path. I'm currently a Senior Security Analyst. I was just promoted to Senior level last month, based on my work over the last couple years in getting our company a major certification within the Healthcare industry, which we received in March 2018. My main job function is making sure certain things around the company are taken care of to ensure we maintain our compliance, as well as prep for our next audit next February. I also handle a lot of our compliance and security questionnaires from clients. My boss wants me to review audit logs, security appliance logs, and backup logs throughout the week. However, because of factors out of my hands, I'm not able to really do that until we either upgrade our systems or decide on valid solutions FOR the appliances that provide log output.

I'm a little confused on what I should focus on doing right now. Other people within the company have told me not to be complacent, or wait on my boss to put me in positions to succeed. They have told me to do things myself, and "go get it" within the company, figure out ways to be more "visible", and show my value. I've already shown my value...yet, I feel a bit stagnant. Has anyone else experienced this at any point in their career? It's a good job, and I love the people I work with. But, I wish I had a little more direction from my leadership, instead of just telling me "we have big plans for you" for the last two years. I want to do more, and learn more.

Anyone have any advice?

Thank you!
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