How much rest ?

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between each exam and passing it how long do you have off?
I have had nearly 10 days off since my last exam pass, but I have been ill, but can't seem to get back into it !

Should I make the extra effort or have a few weeks off?

What do people do?



  • TrailerisfTrailerisf Member Posts: 455
    Lol. I write an exam every two months... last one I took a month off before studying again.

    Didn't really do much for me because I killed myself and did the exam in under a month. So I am ahead of the original schedule again.

    I found it harder to get back into the routine of studing again.
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    I am trying to do an exam every 2-3 weeks. Especially while MS have the 2nd shot available. I think if i stop for a month or so it would be difficult getting back into the groove again. But hey its a personal decision, I am sure my wife would be happy for me to have months off.
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    I think rest is for the weary.. JJ.

    Honestly, it depends on lots of factors... I have spent a month and a half getting through all the tests and reading the books. I have taken one to two tests per week. I have spent an avg of 12-14 hours a day plus weekends studying, configuring and boning up on the things that I did not know.

    My employer determined my schedule as they need me certified asap.

    I will also say, it depends on your experience, I have had 4 years on 2 different MS networks, with Exchange and AD. I am so glad to only have 2 tests to go for MCSE with Messaging.......... then i will be able to... sleeping.gif

    Main thing is what is best for you..... If you don't feel confident about pushing yourself then take your time. Set your goal and go for it..... Good Luck.
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  • K_amisiK_amisi Inactive Imported Users Posts: 131
    on a serious note before i began certifying for this test, i had budgeted 1 year, its been 5 months since i began test taking and honestly speaking...i think you can do this MS exams much faster than could even take an exam once every 3 to 4 weeks maybe shorter...but that depends on alot of factors.....intelligence, test taking abilities,sound mind( if u've been to a crack house it could take longer..... :) )

    I would suggest you take your time go through things slowly......all of us are not equal.
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  • TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    I took my MCDST test's one week apart. Then I ran out of cash and I am waiting to get a job so I can take my 70-270 test and then take my 70-290.
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