Cloud Career Path Advice?

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Hi All,
I been out for a while. I been working as an IT assistant for almost 2 years for a non-profit. It was a good opportunity for experience since I was a business major. I'm currently studying for Linux+. I have A+, Linux Essentials, Project+. I would like to eventually move onto Cloud administration or similiar role. I would like some suggestion or advice on what certifications or jobs I should focus on next to get there. I was looking into AWS or Google certifications after Linux+. My job pays $20+ I feel like its low for cost of living here in CA and also low for IT position. I'm interviewing with a startup now for a IT Technician job. Thanks for all your help.


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    Why not base your next steps on the requirements listed for open job postings in your area?
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    iBrokeIT wrote: »
    Why not base your next steps on the requirements listed for open job postings in your area?

    I agree with IbrokeIT

    Im a Cloud Security Engineer but its a mix of security and admin work. Figure out which cloud service you want to start with I work in AWS. Grab the Architect cert its the best general exam It will teach you all of the basics of the top services. Next really learn CloudFormation,Yaml or JSon and python. Understand Devops and pipelines.

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    Thank you. I will keep working hard at it. Thanks.
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    If you're about to start working elsewhere, I'd back off a bit on choosing a study direction until you get a feel for what kind of tech you'll work with in your new position. It wouldn't make sense to committing to AWS when you get hands-on with Azure all day at your day job, for example.
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