Cybersecurity & Information Assurance or Network Administration & Security? WGU

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Hi all,

I've been contemplating WGU's security degrees and hoping you guys can provide some direction as to which program I should lean towards. I currently have zero IT certifications, I currently work as a hardware repair technician soon to be a technical analyst that will handle some software work.

My career goal is to become a security analyst or consultant. I've been doing a Computer Science degree at Auburn University off and on but need a fast track way to get a degree to get myself pass HR screening and it seems that WGU may be a good option for me. I've talked to my advisor at Auburn and he says I can step away to get a degree at WGU and return to Auburn afterwards without having to reapply if I so wish.

I'm from the ATL area and reached out to a recruiter at Dell Secureworks and was advised if I do this I'd be a candidate for an SOC analyst position.

Can anyone provide some insight?
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