IT position at a startup? Any experience or advice before in person meeting?

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I been working at a nonprofit organization as an IT assistant. I did two phone interview and will be meeting the team in person. They are a startup and the position is for an IT technician. Compensation said salary and equity. Does startup pay well? Whats is the benefit working for a startup? Thanks.


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    Every start-up is a little different. Some can afford to pay decent salaries, others go equity-heavy in order to compensate. Some offer both and some offer little other than the promise of "good things to come". If you get in early and get a slice-of-the-pie and the company goes public, you're set for life but 99% of startups don't get to that point. The questions you'll be concerned with from an equity standpoint revolve around what round of funding are they on and what the vesting schedule is. From a work perspective, you'll be supporting the team so you'll need to know what is expected from an hours-per-day and on-call perspective.

    Generally, startups look for people that buy into the vision of the company in return for a share of the company. Don't be surprised if you're expected to support people working long hours.
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    Working with a start-up is like being an entrepreneur... if you don't buy the vision, don't get in.
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