Sans training for CISSP any good?

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My company would be willing to buy me the self paced training from SANS for CISSP. Has anybody used it to pass? Are there better courses out there that you'd recommend?


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    There training is not only good, but really good. For CISSP, I think it makes zero sense to take their CISSP class given the cost.

    Meanwhile You can use these resources:

    Larry Greenblatt Video ( This is his official site:
    Cybrary CISSP videos from
    BOSON CISSP exam Prep ( around $99)
    Shon Harris AIO-7th or 8th edition
    Eric Conard 11th Hour and CISSP exam pr book
    Sybex CISSP 7th or 8th Edition

    Watch this Video:

    And spend a lot of time on bcp/drp, SDLC and SW CMM

    Training Camp could be an alternative to SANS CISSP onsite/online training. Some folk here took there training, and said its a not bad one to take. This is what I have found in regards to their CISSP training. Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with them, nor advocating there training, its your to take the decision alone.

    (ISC)² - Official CISSP Boot Camp


    (ISC)² - Official CISSP Boot Camp (6 Days)
    $4,595.00 USD

    Official (ISC)² Courseware (electronic format)

    Official (ISC)² Practice Exam

    Training Camp's Exam Prep Study Guide

    Official (ISC)² Practice Tests (2nd Edition)

    Official (ISC)² Evening Exam Review Sessions

    (ISC)² CISSP Exam Support

    (ISC)² CISSP Exam Voucher ($699 Value)

    CPE/CEU Post Class Package

    Exam Pass Guarantee

    Limited Time Promo Offer - Select Course Events Only
    -$800.00 USD

    Total After Discount
    $3,795.00 USD

    Good Luck with the exam prep icon_smile.gif
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    I used Training Camp as well. I've passed my CISSP and CISM through them.
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    +1 for the SANS CISSP training being really good. However, given the material covered, it may benefit you more if you study on your own time. Just my 0.02.
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    For CISSP training i recommend the Eleventh hour books and BOSON simulator

    tried taking shortcuts and just test questioning my way out of it...yeah not a good idea. there are no shortcuts to just doing good ole reading and taking notes and then taking practice exam to see where you stand...takes longer but its thorough, you learn the material and lets you pass on the first try (in my experience)
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    I’m all for self study but if $Corp wants to buy me training I will not say no.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    I’m all for self study but if $Corp wants to buy me training I will not say no.
    Agreed. If my allowance was "1 SANS course" I'd 100% self study the CISSP and take something technical from SANS after.
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    All good info thank you all!
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