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I'm working in one security startup in the country of 3 world. I've been in this company for more than a year and only once our SOC team had a project.
The project was shitty. We did not know what to do and the client did not know what he needed. The project existed 3-4 months and client abandoned our services. I got a little experience in SIEM integration, making use cases, reports, communication with client IT staff, etc.
Now I'm 7 months without projects (I had only small projects aka PoC).
My salary is 200$ which in my country is not good :S

And there is a new offer. Salary 700$ which for my country is pretty good, the job - security analyst. And now I do not know what to do, because I'm not sure I want to work as SOC analytic.

My company - startup, flexible work schedule (remote, dayoffs, from 10AM to 6PM). But we are all noobs by skills and even do not know how to sell SOC.
I have a different job (researches, soc analyst, integrator and support of my SOC team lead in his business and manager stuff. In my current company I'm his future potential replacement).

New company - one of oldest company of the world in security, no flexible work schedule (from 6AM to 2PM or from 2PM to 9PM), many skilled people and possible there I can really grow up as a specialist.
But there I will be only as SOC analytic without any guiding privileges like in my current company and without different tasks that not on.

So, my main massage is how look a work in SOC?
In my current company, people (pentesters, reverse engineers) call this work (SOC) a specific (in negative context) and work that is a matter of taste.
I never worked at true SOC and have no idea if I will be satisfied if I will join new company for the same position. Money for me is not the main goal, but not the last one.

Pros, cons? Your history? How did you get into the SOC and who was you before job at SOC? Prospects for work in SOC?

(Sorry for my chaotic thoughts and bad English)


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    You work at a place where the employees don't know what they're doing to the point where clients are firing them. These same employees perceive SOC work as "bad." Why do you value their obviously unqualified opinion? This is like taking career and finance advice from homeless people. I would leave your current job before you continue to pickup any more bad work habits from them.
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