SY0-501 Performance Based Questions

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Hello Friends

I'll be taking my Security + exam in 2 weeks and need some recommendations and sources to practice performance based questions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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    thanks a lot!!! will do
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    MeasureUps is in my opinion the best practice test vendor for all CompTIA and Microsoft exams (not taken other exams yet to compare). I used it for my Sec+ and the level of difficulty is next to the real exam, if not harder. If you can score 80/90% on those you should be fine. They contain all types of questions that could show up (practical and multiple choice) and you can customise the tests yourself. They also give detailed responses to correct and incorrect answers, so it can also be used as a study source. - if you scroll down on this page there is a free Sec+ demo test you can try before buying.

    + 1 for MeasureUp

    I used MeasureUp for my A+ and i agree with the above. It was very beneficial as a test prep. I have the Sec+ MeausreUp as well, but haven't started it yet as i'm still reading the Darril Gibson book and learning.
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    Thanks guys!
    The comptia sec + package from measureup is pretty expensive ($319 for question and labs). Anyone has any discount codes or anything to reduce the cost?
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    thanks Skyliinez92

    I'm network + certified and I remember I struggled thru performance based questions that time and that is the reason for my anxiety about simulations. I'm studying Darril Gibson's book in depth and applying exam cram & David Prowse wherever I feel darril gobson's reference is insufficient. Will start watching Prof. Messer;s videos as well. Planning to purchase Darril Gibson's questions bank and measureup question bank.

    I hope the difficulty of sims in sec+ is not as bad as net+. I don't have any experience in IT and that makes things little more difficult for me.

    Are Sec+ sims as difficult as net+?

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    Thanks a lot. Some great advise my friend. !! I appreciate it.
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    Great advice on how to approach taking the exam. At my college one of my professors followed this approach and produced a blog page where he outlined the approach, having us learn how to guess intelligently. As he pointed out, we can't know all the answers and sometimes CompTIA exam questions are not worded all that well. Take a look at his blog page at:
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    thanks guys ! I passed my security + today (820/900). 
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    Congrats on your pass!!
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