Matt Walker's book for CEH v10???

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Hello, I'm a new one here and need some help.

Right now, I've finished official EC-Council CEH ilearn course (My company paid for it) and try on there cyberQ exam, but I'm still feel not that ready to proceed to real exam.

I want to find another source to read more. My question is

- Does Matt walker's CEH all-in-one exam guide book still useful for CEH v10?
Is it still worth to read cover to cover for preparation?(Because the latest version of the book is v9). If yes, I'll order it immediately.

- Are there any other recommended book,website for preparation?

Thank you :)


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    @Kamaelice - I am planning on buying Matt Walkers CEH - all-in-one exam book (currently in my amazon cart). Because I attended WGU for my Applied Science degree, I have full access to PluralSight videos (v9 and v10), which V10 is 79 hours of content (WOW). Just checked in on the FedVTE site per some other on this community has listed it. 

    CEH is my 2019 #1 goal, since work has me scratched in for Security in the next few years. 

    Good luck, and update what you find as other material. 

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    I see there was a book that came with your course.

    Is that the same book as this with just a different cover?

    If so then I would just reread the book if I felt lacking in confidence to test. If not, then I would get the book in the link instead of Matt Walker's v9 book.

    That all said, I would assume there is no harm in also studying Matt Walker's v9 book except to make sure you're firm in the changes between v9 and v10.

    Also, advise perhaps reading this:

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Thank you to both of you.

    I've already passed the exam on Dec2018.

    In conclusion related to my question, Matt walker book v9 really help me for this exam. It still useful!!

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    Matt Walker's 4th edition of his book is coming out 

    March 13th, 2019

    search Amazon and you will find it

    CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition 4th Edition

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