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Probably should be in the Cisco Section but doesnt really relate to any particular exam.

My company spends around 50k-60k a year on Cisco products but were never aware of the Cisco Training Tokens based on what you spend. Could someone explain what these are/how you claim them?
Our reseller is playing dumb, and I'm curious if they are doing so as they infact inherit the tokens and then hand them out internally.


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    They're Learning Credits, not "Training Tokens". The credits allow for an organization to bundle training with a purchase or to prepay for training if they're the type of organization than has ups and downs in funding.

    The program you're referring to is the Cisco Loyalty Program. You don't buy a lot but maybe your reseller can figure something out.
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    Cisco Learning Credits are gained through the Cisco Loyalty Program, which Cisco invites high spending customers to participate in. A flat 3% revenue of your quarterly spend is converted into points (1 point per dollar), which can then be exchanged for CLC's (100 points per CLC) that can then be used on Certification Vouchers, Cisco Live! Conference, or Cisco Learning classes, however those CLC's expire after a year of being converted.

    Cisco has recently modified the program to be more exclusive and strict, but I am not familiar with the particulars of those changes. I am not the designated Cisco Team Captain for my company so I am not involved in the redemption, just the spending :D. I have taken a few classes, and attended Cisco Live! with the credits and it's a great return on investment. - Microsoft Certified Trainer 2013-2018 - VMware vExpert 2014-2018 - Cisco Champion 2018 -
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    To be honest, 50-60k in spend every year probably won't get you much or any learning credits. If they do give them, it's got to be a BIG order
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I thought it was just based on any orders that they factor this in for repeat business.
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