Just got some used Cisco switches/routers and require some help please!!!!

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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased some used switches and routers to finally get hands on experience configuring them. I got my CCNA 3 years ago and plan on renewing it for version 3.

Switches (3 of them): Catalyst 3560 series POE-48
Routers (2 of them): Cisco 2800 Series

This was purchased off craigslist by a gentlemen who gave me his address and phone number as assurance of some kind (lol).

He warned me that he did not have the passwords to login to the switches. He displayed the MOTD banner on each device and said its possible to wipe the Cisco IOS but that it takes a long time (especially for someone who has never done it).

I found this page on google that says how to reset it but it also states that, "If you forget the console and enable password of your switch, you cannot reset the switch configuration to factory default to reset the password. In this case, you need to follow the password recovery procedures for your switch. Refer to this document for steps to recover the passwords on your Catalyst switches:
  • Password Recovery Procedures"

    and on that password recovery page it just says support is no longer available and has been cut off since 2016.

    so I'm wondering if I just got taken advantage of or if there is really a way to wipe the Cisco IOS on these devices so that I may install a fresh instance of the IOS and begin configuring and messing about with these devices.

    Can anyone please advise? I'd REALLY appreciate it more than I can express here!!! You would make my day as I'm new to this hardware (I know all the theory and know-how though).

    (If any more information is required please ask and I will be refreshing this page often to see if anyone has said anything.)


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    also, they are running 12.4 version from what is labeled on the switches themselves.
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    How to Recover Password on the Cisco Catalyst Fixed Configuration Layer 2&Layer 3 Switches? - Cisco & Cisco Network Hardware News and Technology


    you don't want to wipe the ios. unless you have another version of the ios for your equipment that you want to install.

    what you want to do is clear the configuration file.

    12.4 is a little old. but should be good enough for the ccna exam.
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    Thank you I'll go ahead and try this method! Much appreciated! :)
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    Got it working! Thank you so much sir!!!
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    procedure 2 is incomplete.

    from procedure 1, do step 15, then step 16

    your at the (config) menu. if you type in a "?", you will notice the write command isn't available. type end and get back to the "#" prompt and then write will be available for you to execute.
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    You have a CCNA but never recovered a switch before? Do you use your CCNA in your job at all? I haven't yet obtained my CCNA, but recovered lots of switches, but never a router.
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    The funny thing is, up until today, I rarely touched a switch or a router besides once or twice in my entire life.

    I just have a really strong ability to learn concepts/ideas and apply them and retain the knowledge long term.

    I don't have a job at the moment, I'm completing my BA degree in cyber security and I plan on renewing my CCNA for version 3 between semesters and also add CCNA Security to the resume all before graduating so when I do grad. I'll be snatching a job with ease (esp with my experience/resume in addition to my certs/degrees).

    I just recovered both routers and 3 switches. It's really easy with the directions. I just had to remember to change to enable mode to do certain commands. Love this stuff!! super fun and interesting :=D

    Thanks for all your guys` advice and help, I REALLY appreciate all of it! Cheers!!! :)
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