Should I take CSA+ or CCNA Cyber Ops?

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I only have one-year exp in the IT security industry. I got Security+ already.
What certificate should I take? CSA+ or CCNA Cyber Ops? or something else?
Many thanks


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    stryder144stryder144 Member Posts: 1,684 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Honestly, if cost is an issue, I would go for the CySA+. It is one test and it costs less than the combined cost for the CCNA: Cyber Ops cert. It doesn't have the name recognition that a CCNA has but remember that few in the real world have heard of the CCNA: Cyber Ops or the CompTIA CySA+.
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,054 Admin
    What is your objective(s) for getting either cert? To get an analyst job in a SOC or in some other SecOps role?
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    yoba222yoba222 Member Posts: 1,237 ■■■■■■■■□□
    The CCNA Cyber Ops self-paced E-learning training is really good, but not $1500 + $1500 good. As for the exams, while part 1 (SEC FNDS) is okay, part 2 (SEC OPS) is really poorly written.

    The CySA+ exam is fairly written. I think it may have a touch more industry recognition at this point, but low at best for both. So to sum it up, if you're paying out of pocket I'd pursue only the CySA+.
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