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I am concentrating on 901 at the moment. Made about 200 notecards that I have pretty much conquered. I'm passing the book's 901 practice test, but there is room for improvement. I go to Exam Compass and start those 25 question tests and feel like I have missed something. Exam Compass just seems to have questions that I can't even find answers to when I check the book to see stuff I missed. Is there another good source that I can go to?

After posting here, I think I'll check out the Practice Exams here, but Exam Compass still makes me feel like I didn't get all the necessary info from Exam Cram.


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    is there a site with questions just like on the 901 exam? I know sometimes online the questions are 1 sentence, then in the exam, its a full paragraph question.
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    MeasureUp looks good...I was just hoping to save money with Exam Compass.
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    I used the practice questions that came in the CD from the Mike Meyers All-in-One series. It usually brings about 300 questions plus the end of chapter questions in the book. You can buy the book online on Amazon for $34 which is a great value.

    I can also support Measureup.com being of great quality. I personally found them closer to what the real exam will be.
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    I will look for deals on Measureup.

    How about Crucial Exam?
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