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I am concentrating on 901 at the moment. Made about 200 notecards that I have pretty much conquered. I'm passing the book's 901 practice test, but there is room for improvement. I go to Exam Compass and start those 25 question tests and feel like I have missed something. Exam Compass just seems to have questions that I can't even find answers to when I check the book to see stuff I missed. Is there another good source that I can go to?

After posting here, I think I'll check out the Practice Exams here, but Exam Compass still makes me feel like I didn't get all the necessary info from Exam Cram.


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    Best practice exam site IMO and from experience: www.measureup.com

    MeasureUp gives you around 200+ questions which you can take freely as a practice test or put yourself in a real exam scenario, or you can customise it and practice questions for certain topics in the A+. Each question provides a detailed response to both incorrect and correct answers, so if you weren't sure on a particular question the responses will explain why the answer is what it is. It's a very good study source and highly recommended by Microsoft.

    I'd also advise looking at the CompTIA A+ exam objectives. These show every possible topic that could show up in the exam, so if you can tick them off one by one when you have met the objective, you should be ready for the exam.


    Also, if you have time I would recommend watching Professor Messers videos. They are free and he is a very good tutor.
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    is there a site with questions just like on the 901 exam? I know sometimes online the questions are 1 sentence, then in the exam, its a full paragraph question.
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    Refer back to my previous comment. MeasureUp questions closely relate to the real exam.
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    MeasureUp looks good...I was just hoping to save money with Exam Compass.
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    I found Exam Compass to be helpful too, but you don't get the full quality as you would with MeasureUp. The questions are more basic and don't give you detailed responses to help you develop further and the questions aren't as difficult as the ones in the real exam. Not saying the A+ is difficult but if this is your first exam you'll want to get a feel for the real exam conditions which MeasureUp offer.

    Keep an eye on their website for offers. Now and again their practice tests will be cheaper or offer a discount code for some reason.
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    I used the practice questions that came in the CD from the Mike Meyers All-in-One series. It usually brings about 300 questions plus the end of chapter questions in the book. You can buy the book online on Amazon for $34 which is a great value.

    I can also support Measureup.com being of great quality. I personally found them closer to what the real exam will be.
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    I will look for deals on Measureup.

    How about Crucial Exam?
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