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Hi all

Just wanted to know what would people say would be a good score in Boson to know if you were ready to take the CCENT exam. I don't personally think I'm ready yet I've worked through the Lammle book and CBT nuggets series for ICND1 and i'm currently going through labs daily and subnet practice to make sure I hammer home everything.

I took my first boson practice test today and scored 65%, I know people say these exams are probably more difficult than the actual exam but what you be aiming to score in Boson to feel confident to take the actual exam?

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    I personally wait until I can get close to 100% on the practice exams. Taking them over and over defeats the purpose though so use sparingly.
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    For any practice exam I take I like to get to 90 or higher on a consistent basis. I would get your hands on multiple practice exams and rotate between them so as to avoid memorizing questions and answers.
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    Answering pooled questions over and over, you will memorize the answers and not the concept of how/why you got the answer.
    If you got 65%, stop doing the tests and study book+video+lab start to finish (or however you learn best) and then test.
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    Thanks, I've taken 2 different pools of questions and all the questions I got wrong answers for I've made a list of topics to go back over and study in more detail. Some were just stupid mistakes not reading the question properly or rushing it others I can see where I need to go into more detail.

    I'm definately not going to memorize the answers I've fallen into that trap before
    Goals for 2019: ICND2 first of all then see how it goes.
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    It's still useful even after you memorize the answers. When you get the questions, even if you know the answer right away, still stop and take the time to say, well A is wrong because of this, B is wrong because this, C is right because of that. It'll help reinforce the material without just memorizing and recognizing the correct answer.
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    Personally I don't like to retake the practice tests so I usually only take them once and try to get at least 60% right.

    I know some other people that take them until they have memorized all of the answers.
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    I think I’m going to go over the topics in a bit more detail for the next week or 2 then take another different pool of questions to see how I fare and then get the exam booked for sometime in November.

    I’ve stopped and started a bit this year so determined to get this passed before the year is out!
    Goals for 2019: ICND2 first of all then see how it goes.
    CCENT Passed 28/11/18!
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    At the end of the day memorizing is still "learning" it just may give you false results. I try and rotate through all the boson tests to keep it fresh.
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