The term tagged in CCNA

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I know I am reaching back almost 18 years but that is when I took and passed my CCNA and have not really used the technology since.

I was on a hands-on interview and the question came up "why is that entry "tagged"?"
I have forgotten a large number of things regarding my CCNA (that I passed) but I do not ever recall that technical term "tagged" at all. The interviewer told me I should have known that even if it was 18 years ago and made me feel stupid.

Can anyone who was familiar or certified in Cisco back then, tell me if that was a standard term back around the year 2001 and used with CCNA or is it a fairly new term since then?

Humbly asking


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    Possibly referring to tagged frames when speaking of vlans and trunking?
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    I believe it was pertaining to vlans. Was that type of term used back 18 years ago and or was that possibly used in a 2001 CCNA test?
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    Well I humbly have found my own answer. I honestly cannot remember (there we go again) if I took the Cisco CCNA Exam #640-407 or #640-507 but I did find one of two books I used for studying the exam in pdf format on the internet. This book I believe was the second book: Cisco CCNA Exam #640-507 -- Wendell Odom, CCIE #1624. I had a first book that I studied before this book came out and might have used it for extra study but who knows.

    Did a search in the pdf and sure enough "tagging" was mentioned around 10-11 times in chapter 4 and another 12 or so times in the back of the book for summaries and index.

    CCNA test had 2 parts. A section that had multiple choice questions and a hands-on section. You could not pass the test unless you got the majority of the hands-on.

    Bottom Line: Tagging was around back then but even after looking it over in the pdf I just don't recall it.
    But... no matter what some people may think, it is pretty easy to forget things 18 or 20 years ago. I know this humble guy did. icon_cheers.gif

    Thanks everyone for their time.
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    Understandable. I have to stay on top of my studies or else I start slipping. I don't work with Cisco equipment at work, only at home on my own time. 20 years is a long time for things to change. Get that knowledge back!
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    Even though Cisco does use the terms tagged and un-tagged etc I've found when talking to other "cisco" networking people I'd say from personal experience you would tend to talk more about trunk and access ports rather than tagged/untagged ports.

    When configuring a port you would set it as a trunk or an access port depending on how you want that port to function. However swap over to a HP switch and the terms tagged and un-tagged ports definitely come into play a lot more.

    I think the tagged/un-tagged are the more industry standard terms used where as Cisco go with the access port/trunk ports.
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