how many promiscuous ports can be on a vlan

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all the examples i've seen show just one.

but what if you want to implement something like fhrp. you'd need multiple ports.


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    According to Cisco, yes:
    The promiscuous port can communicate with all interfaces, including the community and isolated host ports, that belong to those secondary VLANs associated to the promiscuous port and associated with the primary VLAN.You can have several promiscuous ports in a primary VLAN. Each promiscuous port can haveseveral secondary VLANs, or no secondary VLANs, associated to that port. You can associate a secondary VLAN to more than one promiscuous port, as long as the promiscuous port and secondary VLANs are within the same primary VLAN. You may want to do this for load-balancing or redundancy purposes. You can also have secondary VLANs that are not associated to anypromiscuous port

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