Some quick questions about Job search forums, CV and Post interview follow up

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I am relatively a newcomer to job search and interviews so can use some help.
Can someone please let me know
1. What are some of the most active and helpful forums for job search where job seekers share their experiences and tips? reddit? Indeed forums?
2. When submitting a resume, do you remove all or most non relevant skills and experiences? Example - Infosec analyst job geared towards incident management - Would you omit CISA and your Audit related experience?
3. Post interview follow up email - I feel that this is sometimes just a formality. Sometimes you do feel like thanking the interviewer but mostly it appears to be a formality. Do you guys always do it?
Do we have anyone here who never did it and still got the job?
If you don't know the interviewer's email address how would you contact him or her? Linkedin? Yes or No?


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    Reading your post, I feel like you already have the best answers in your head, but I'll still chime in.

    1. Reddit and Indeed are indeed the two sites that come to mind.
    2. I only tailor my resume for very specific job postings that I'm really after. Sure it's ideal to tailor your resume to every job, but I don't think it's practical. There are some ATS tools that can help with that however.
    3. Follow up always, if possible. Even if you don't have the contact info, look it up on LinkedIn. You are in a sea of candidates so stand out any way you can.

    Of course there are exemptions but that's all they are..
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  • infosecsinfosecs Member Posts: 48 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the reply mikey88.
    I would like to hear from others about # 3. I somehow find it to be a bit too formal and unnecessary, similar to tipping. It should be for exceptional rapport with interviewer but I may be wrong.
    or we may have some folks here who didn't follow up and still got the job.
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