Passed Network+ 007

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I took the test yesterday, and passed with 800/900icon_cheers.gif, a bit worse than last time, 6 years agoicon_rolleyes.gif. That time I didn't bother with the CEUs so it expired after three years, this time I will keep the cert until I retire!

I used only the Lammle Sybex book. I did not use any other material, not even Professor Messer.

The questions was all over the place, even subnetting, two or three of them, which I've seen some don't see at all at their exams. My wrong answers were also all over the place. I had wrong answers in all 5 domains.

The questions were more like scenarios. The practice questions in Lammle's book were rarely like scenarios. Not that Lammle's book was bad, it helped my pass the exam.

I did have technical issues with one of the simulations. But I found a work-around, but it took a while. I did finish on time tough.


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