Time between 901 and 902?

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Hi TechExams.net A+,

I am considering taking the A+ exam, and have the Prowse Exam Cram book and practice questions. I think that the 901 will be easier since its hardware, and I have experience working with hardware. However, how long can I wait until I know I'm ready to take the 902, after I pass the 901? Is there a time limit?



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    No time limit, it depends on when you feel ready to take it. I studied and passed my 701 and 702 within 3 weeks. On the 3rd week I took my 701 on the Wednesday and the 702 on the Friday, although I did multitask and study both at once.
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    considering that the 902 will be retired in July 15, 2019

    ( https://www.reddit.com/r/CompTIA/comments/9dkhel/a_2201001_2001002_sneak_peak/ )

    will i still be able to take the 902 after july, if I took the 901 before that?

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    If it's being retired you won't be able to take it. I would suggest knocking both out now and become A+ certified over the next few months if you can do it. Personally you wouldn't need to spend longer than 4-6 weeks on each exam. It's a entry-level cert so I would strongly advise getting it done and out the way. If you look at study sources like Professor Messer and Darril Gibson, and analyse the CompTIA A+ objectives with a few practice tests, you shouldn't have any issues.
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    As Skyliinez92 said, once it is retired you will not be able to take the exam(s). You have plenty of time to take both before they retire. Also, keep in mind that you cannot mix exams (901 & 1002 or 1001 & 902). Honestly, depending on how much time you can devote to studying, you should be able to knock it out by Christmas.
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