Nutanix Certified Professional Exam Free until 11/27/2018

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Hey Folks,

For those who are interested, Nutanix is offering free online self paced training as well as free NCP certification until 11/27/2018.

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    Great find! Very tempting at that price!
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    This is great if you can get past the "Unauthorized Email Domain" errors. I've tried four different providers and they all failed. I had to use one for a non-profit I'm a part of in the end.

    Has anyone managed to get as far as the exam yet? I tried accessing the page for it and it says I lack permissions.

    EDIT: I realised why this happened. You have to register on a recognised Partner domain to get access through the Partner method. With this said,. however, it appears that they have a blacklist of domains as my non-profit has no association with them (AFAIK).

    A little look on their forums, and a non-customer, non-partner could sign up and do the old NPP but had to contact them directly via email to get set up. This is something I'm yet to do.
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