How many round of layoffs have you been through?

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Hey Guys,

There are rumors that the ITS department is going through another reorg (high likelihood that its going to happen), it's actually between twice in one year at this enterprise. I would like to say I come off as a pretty strong individual (work smart and efficient) so my luck of not getting laid off gets higher each year. Plus, they can't really lay me off for one of their critical projects so job security is there for the time being. For those who have been laid off, it sucks being cut without given a warning or for those who work hard and still get shown to the door. Correct me if I am wrong with confusing reorganizations with layoffs as they may not be synonymous Out of curiosity - how many rounds of layoffs have you between through throughout your career?


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    In the US I think layoffs are just part of the business cycle. Nothing you can do but keep your skills up.

    I will say when I have laid people off it was never a decision about what they were currently working on.

    Layoffs suck but don't take them personal. Good Luck!
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    Jon_Cisco wrote: »
    Nothing you can do but keep your skills up.

    There is something that one can do. Start preparing to go 1099 with multiple clients.
    Jon_Cisco wrote: »
    I will say when I have laid people off it was never a decision about what they were currently working on. Layoffs suck but don't take them personal. Good Luck!

    Funny how it's never personal except when businesses go to the government begging for handouts.
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    I have had my share of layoffs...I'd say around 5...
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    Been there before. When I was working at a telco I managed to dodge two rounds of big layoffs, but they finally got me in the third. My current had a re-org a few months back, but I survived that one.
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    I always feel bad for people who get laid off. I'm grateful God has kept me from feeling the hit of a layoff, but I know I'm not immune to it. I always take peoples stories as a lesson and do what I can to either stay relevent or level up (Cert, higher education, etc..) when I know things like management restructuring occurs (2 times at my last job, and 4x at my current job).
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    I've been laid (Whoooo!) off a few times. If you want to count contracts expiring, it's more. Luckily, in most cases, staff was warned in advance that it might happen so we could prepare. In one case, I lost my job during a state agency consolidation. Actually, a lot of state IT people lost their jobs that time. I was lucky to have a great boss who told me about it the minute she found out (a month in advance) and told me that I could look for a new job on work time and use my sick leave rather than vacation time if I had to be out for an interview.
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    Not so far in my 16 years of working but if I stay in my job for another 3 years then I can see it happening. Working for an UK police there are always lay-offs but never effected my IT department the years I have been here but now it will.
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    Survived layoffs aka workforce reduction 3th time but got laid off at the 4th time during my 6 years with the that company. For the 4th one, I knew it was coming since we were the most experienced one with the highest salary. I really admired the team, that I have worked with, but the Sr. Management was a whole different stories, that I don't want to get into.
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    1 layoff back in 2009 when times were hard for our economy.
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    I really admired the team, that I have worked with, but the Sr. Management was a whole different stories, that I don't want to get into.

    I hate when that happens, when you work with a bunch of great folks only to be told later that the team is being laid off or there is bit of a team shuffle that happens. It happened when my previously company, great folks but most of them ended up leaving due to poor management.
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    Two I believe, the first one I wasn't affected, I had enough seniority, although another person with seniority job was being eliminated, so they bumped the newest hire and took there job.

    The second one was a government cut back lay off, there were several "rounds", where you would hear about different people in other departments getting laid off. It occurred over a period of several months, but eventually they got to me and I was laid off. I think they were very nice about it, they gave me 9 weeks notice, and told me just look for another job, don't worry about getting your work done. I've heard of other people in different departments showing up for work that morning and were told that day to clean out there desk, they are done effective as today. Some of these people were employed as contractors for 10 years, they had no idea this was coming.
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