MTA or A+ ?

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I am considering getting an MTA certification, but not sure if its worth it vs an A+, I see more employers are asking for an A+ rather than an MTA, does the A+ just hold more weight?



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    They both hold different values so it's difficult to really compare them. MTA's specialise in certain subjects, like OS fundamentals or Networking for example. The A+ covers everything across the range but at an entry-level position. Yes most companies do look for the A+ (this is down to HR mainly) but also holding an MTA shows that you are MS certified and know particular subjects.

    I've also replied to your A+ posts. I would personally suggest doing both. Do the A+ now before it expires next year, then pick an MTA you are interested in or what your job requires and study that. I did my A+ first to give me a broad knowledge in tech then did 2 MTA's after that. Managed to beat all within 6 weeks, but this was instructor-lead.
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    If you are not already working in IT then I would suggest A+. It has a better chance of getting you in the door.

    MTA is a nice option if you want to get a little better experience with a specific area of microsoft. You will probably have to sell employers on the MTA since it is not as well recognized.

    Good Luck!
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