Could You Please Review My Resume?

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Could You Please Review My Resume?

I have attached a mock version of my resume to this thread.

My contract is ending in Nov of this year. My ultimate goal would to find a non help desk role. I'm hoping to find a desktop support role. Also, it would be nice to find a full time position in IT.
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    IT Support Professional with 3 plus years of experience in resolving software and hardware issues in corporate and household environments

    Proven skills in explaining and resolving complex computer problems to technical and non-technical customers.

    In fact you could just start this sentence off, Explains and resolves complex computer problems etc........
    • Works with level II Networking team, and the Voice team to resolve more complex issues.
    I'd state something other than complex. The main type of issues, maybe. (JMHO)
    • Guided customers through the process of setting up and troubleshooting secure testing
    software in a school environment.

    I've read you want to keep all items current tense. Guides. (Just what I have read)

    Going to the propriety applications well one to many times. Mix it up if you want to call out these "in-house" built applications.
    • Resolved 90% of tickets assigned without escalation to a senior technician.'
    I like how you bold the quantitative component, but would stick with that theme. Resolve or tickets should match the rest of the sentence imo.

    Overall I like it. Clean, good font, white space, easy to get though. Only two pages, which I would never go over..... I refuse to read novels, don't have time.
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    A few thoughts while I'm in a lucid state.

    remove household, if you were supporting remote employees, then its all business related, try "specializing in Remote user support".

    Get rid of "Work From Home Call", your specialized in supporting remote employees and clients.

    replace "level two" with "tier two".

    Personally I get rid of "Meraki" and just leave Cisco VPN, Meraki just makes me think you only know how to troubleshoot that specific product line, your better off leaving it more general, unless it's a requirement in the job posting. If they ask in an interview you can expand on it.

    Updates inventory, replace with manages inventory for assets transfers.

    "State, District, and School level customers", do you mean employees? When ever possible try to create a resume that says you supported users in a corporate environment, customers, home users, residential screams Buy Buy entry level support roles.
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    First off, kudos on using full sentences and not simply posting a string of bullets.

    Under your summary, change "[FONT=Century Gothic, sans-serif]Proven skills in explaining and resolving complex computer problems" to "[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic, sans-serif]Proven skills in explaining, troubleshooting and resolving complex computer problems[/FONT]". Also change "[FONT=Century Gothic, sans-serif]Quickly learns and troubleshoots Microsoft operating systems and propriety applications" to something like "Familiar with Microsoft operating systems and quickly learns proprietary applications. Finally, get rid of "in corporate and household environments." With three years of experience, you should be aiming for something higher than supporting household equipment.

    I prefer to see a "certs" section down with education. And you should put the cert acronym in parens next to the name. Your resume might be scanned by HR software.
    Unless you were managing HP's "ThinPro" product, I don't see why you would limit yourself by saying "HP Thin Clients", change it to just "thin clients".

    Make sure your product names are correct, "[FONT=Century Gothic, sans-serif]Service Now, Hip Chat, Share Point" is "ServiceNow, HipChat and SharePoint".[/FONT]
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    Move your certs to the bottom of your resume and get rid of how many times you resolved a ticket. Other than that, bless you for using paragraphs and not bullets.. icon_smile.gif
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