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I started to notice a week or so ago that I was getting high scores within my Boson CISSP Exam Simulator. I was thinking, I know I didn't score that high. Then for a minute I thought, maybe it's because questions carry a different weight.

So, I went through the 11th Hour and decided to power back up the Boson environment. Upon power up I see that I got an update. Which I was thinking would resolve my initial thoughts.

After going through the various exams multiple times I figured something isn't right.

So, today I took one of the exams and counted every time I missed a question. Then I click end exam hoping that what I thought was happening wasn't happening. But it is really happening.

After I clicked end exam, I counted every incorrect that the Boson Sim had for me. The number that Boson said I missed and the actual number of questions I missed is drastically off. Boson counted less than half of my incorrect questions. Less than half. While going through the exam is said Incorrect, but once you clicked incorrect at the end of the exam some of the incorrect were now correct.

I feel that the Boson- CISSP is a great tool for understanding concepts and drilling down on your understanding. But, after a week or two of taking exams and finally today of marking my wrong answers I am convinced that the grading can't be trusted!!

I like the questions, but the grading is falsified to give the user a false sense of satisfaction and sense of exam readiness.

I said that to say, don't trust the grading after you end your exam. I literally thought it was corrupt, stopped to read another book and come back to the Boson environment only to prove the grading is corrupt.

I know Boson has great reviews from most people on this website especially on Reddit. After my experience, I would say...use more than one resource for practices exams. Please..


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    That is very odd. I wonder if this is a problem that only you have encountered, and I say that as so many people recommend it and no one else (including me) has ever noticed anything odd. Not saying you are wrong, but it is very worrying.

    Have you tried contacting Boson to tell them?
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    I think in my own opinion that most people take the results at face value. It's like when you are running on E in your car and it says you have 25 miles until empty. Is it really 25 exact miles or approximately? Maybe that was a bad example but it was the first thing that came to mind.

    I was just scoring so high that I had to mark every answer I got wrong and the tally didn't match up. It literally took an extra 3 seconds per wrong question. A simple tick mark on a piece of paper.

    I am taking the exam soon enough, so it's not worth causing a storm over. I got the material I just seem some issues with the scoring.

    I still got the material, I just know that based on my calculations each question should be worth 0.666 points. But, if Boson isn't using that elementary formula to calculate grades it would make more sense. Like, yes you got it wrong but "those test questions didn't count" or "these test questions have more weight" would make it all make sense.

    To add to your statement, I don't think many people question the results. I knew I was doing good but I also knew I wasn't doing THAT good.

    The Wiley Test banks that you get access to with buying the Sybex book isn't as detailed as the Boson. That is as far as why the answer is wrong. But, I will say if you had a few dollars to spare to buy the book and get access to the questions. ..if you have not already. I have seen questions on material on the website that I didn't see after doing all the Boson questions.

    I am not a fan of using one source.
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    As a previous consumer of the BOSON CISSP Exam Simulator only I can say is this: I didn't pay much attention to the weighting of the exam due to where I had scored previously when I wrote the CISSP exam the first time. I do understand that if there is an issue with the weighting and marking discrepancy, there is definitely an issue there. The ultimate goal of the BOSON exam simulator is to put you in the frame of reference / thinking as a Manager which it does a great job of doing with the obvious scoring of the exam. I did find a lot of value with using the BOSON exam simulator. As you mentioned previously, studying for the exam does require you to use a variety of sources for both content and exam question pools. Sybex, Transcender, Official ISC2 CBOK, BOSON, AIO McGraw Exam pool, there are tons to go through. Good luck with studying!

    Disclaimer: I'm not a BOSON employee but used the sources above to make a firm assertion that its a solid reference to use.

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    Curious - when did you test? Did you take the CAT or long format? Thanks!

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    cledford3 wrote: »
    Curious - when did you test? Did you take the CAT or long format? Thanks!


    It was done last year around this time, Oct 2017. It was on the 6 hour format.

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