Passed Net+ Today 10/26/2018

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Passed CompTIA Network+ today Yay! Scored an 847. I studied for two weeks**.
For those of you interested i will provide study details and my background. First i watched CBT Nuggets Network+ course and completed those labs. Then I took all the test i could using the Kaplan Transcender test provided thru cbt nuggets. After that i started the Mike Myers network+ course offered thru Lynda and paid special attention to the subjects into which i got answers wrong on the Kaplan test. Just about everynight for the two weeks before bed i used compass exams free test to ensure i understood the material i was vieweing. I purchased professors messers notes and reviewed those one hour before the test in the parking lot lol. Caveat, i am in the Army and have been for the past 16 years almost. My whole career has been in the medical field. I am medically discharging and switching careers. No IT background other then an IT internship for the past two months in which i havent really learned much. With that being said, i recently took the Sec+ at the end of Sep and A+ this past August. So i would defitnelty say studying for those assisted me with passing the network+ since there is quite a bit of overlap. Out of all three test i would say for me A+ was the hardest followed by Sec+, i really think net+ was rather easy for me. Know your ports especially the well known ports and what they do. Know firewalls and placement, know how to troubleshoot connectivity issues within a given diagram along with settings. All information needed is out there. There was only about a handfull of subnetting questions. Thanks for reading.


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    B.S. Network Admin | CCNP-Wireless
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    Congrats I have to take a look at cbt nuggets everyone says its very helpful
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    Congratulations!!! 847 is an amazing score. The hard work really paid off. I just took the exam today (passed with a 770) and can confirm that you really need to know your protocols and the ports associated with them, as I got a LOT of questions of that type.
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