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I recently passed the CCENT/ICND1 with a 926/1000 and found the test and objectives to be overall fair. Now, I also took the N10-006 Network+ back in July and found that this helped me abundantly in passing my ICND1. I am now noticing in studying for Part 2 there is a lot of overlap between N+ and ICND2, be it WAN, Routing and STP technologies. Would it be safe to compare the two tests in difficulty? I am trying to figure the amount of studytime I need to put in for the ICND2 and if the difficulty of the questions raises compared to ICND1. I am finding mixed feedback on this topic and was wanting to hear any opinions on this, particularly those of you who are in my position of taking N+ then ICND1/2 :)


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    When I took the test 5 years ago I studied about the same amount of time for ICND1 and ICND2. If you have taken the Comptia tests and ICND1 I don't think you will have any trouble working towards the CCNA.

    Sorry I have not taken the current Net+ but I did study for it. I think the main difference is Cisco expects you to know how to configure things where Comptia just wants you to know what they are.
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