What certificate should I take if time is a concern?

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I got funding from my school. However, the exam needs to be taken before February 2019.
What certificate should I take?

I got Security+ already.


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    One in an area/subject you are interested in learning more about
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    Long Dark wrote: »
    What certificate should I take? I got Security+ already.

    Looking to pad your resume or add skills? There are relatively few "One hit wonders" with regards to certifications with no prior experience.
    However these have no experience requirement and should have good impact on career and skill set:

    OSCP (Dont know if Pen-Testing is your thing or if there is a market in your area...)
    C|EH you either need to take their training or have verifiable experience, but probably little career impact unless you also take C|EH practical.
    CySA if doing another CompTIA cert doesn't bother you, however might be lacking industry recognition.

    Can't really think of anything else without knowing your motivation.
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    +1 for both NetworkNewb and Tekn0logy.

    I would suggest against getting a certification just for the heck of it - make it count.
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    SANS/GIAC: If they want to shell out 6k then absolutely do GIAC 401 or 504. The cost is prohibitive unless it's being covered by education/employer so take advantage of this now. You'll learn great transferable skills.
    CEH: Course is expensive and will give you some insights into the offensive attacking patterns. This has great HR recognition and if school is paying for it I'd so go for it.
    CySA: Not as expensive as CEH or as well recognized. I'd suggest self studying or getting a future employer to cost this. Love the content around this one though but not a great fit for your situation.
    OSCP: skip this for now if you're in school and still head down working on graduating and other things. This won't be an easy lift.
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    Depends on how much funding you received. If you have around $7,000 then I would say take a SANS course plus the GIAC exam attempt.
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