CCNP Exam topics- Dated 2014

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I am doing the CCNP and starting with the CCNP route.

I planned on working off the CBT nuggets course and then getting one of the latest books.

But what worries me is that the course material on CBT nuggets is dated 2014.
Tech moves quick and this has me thinking I may be learning old info and missing on new stuff.

Is this the case?, is the CCNP now a dated exam or has there just been no refresh on CBT Nuggets.



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    the change to ccnp version 2 (the current version) occurred in the fall of 2014. both the previous version and the current version could be taken until the end of jan. 2015. Since then exam takers could only take the version 2 of the test.

    cisco usually updates their exams every 3 years. and the ccnp has been out there for 4 years now. it might be a good idea to pass it soon before the next update happens. but cisco never tells me anything about their exam updates.

    the previous version of the exam included some exam topics that aren't on the current exam version. Things like wireless and voice. if your materials include these topics, you have materials for an older exam. and the current exam has a big dose of ipv6 included. if your materials don't cover ipv6 versions of the routing protocols, they are dated.

    Check this against the current exam topics, https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccnp . extra, unrelated topics means you have old material. some of the changes: https://learningcontent.cisco.com/cln_storage/text/cln/marketing/ccnprs_keyexam_topic_changes.pdf

    good luck with your studies
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    Thanks you very much Clarson,

    In your opinion is the CCNP a good exam to do these days. I work more in a general sys admin roll where I do a bit of everything, VMWare, Networking, Security.
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