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New to the forum and was hoping for some advice about my current situation.

I have been with my current employer in a varied Infrastructure job role for 4 years doing a mixture of on-prem compute/storage work (Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop support/VMware/Windows Server/Linux support/UCS/NetApp (7-mode/CDOT)), working in a small team looking after the business in numerous countries outside of North America for a well known company. During this time I have been doing BAU support and maintenance as well as projects. There has always been plenty to do outside of hours work wise and I have been undertaking the required work rather than continuing to focus on my skill set.

A few weeks ago the permanent operations staff were told that as of March we would be transferred to an MSP. Has anyone here had a good experience of similar transfers as I am concerned that this transfer may result in a loss of skill set if the work is sent to other teams during the transfer to the new employer.

Is it too late to skill up and look elsewhere?


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    Hello and welcome to TE. I hate to see an unanswered question so I'll chime in with my 2 cents.

    I don't have any direct experience with an IT lift-out. But I did know a colleague at a customer that went through a lift-out. From what I could tell, he wasn't particularly happy with the experience. He was a senior exec and part of his displeasure is that the focus of the mission changed tremendously. Whereas, he used to be incentivized to be part of the team and to see the company succeed, the relationship became more of a vendor/customer relationship where customer management and satisfaction at a profitable margin became the mission.

    I think you also may have to see what type of package you may get with the new company and the available opportunities.

    And to your question - it's never to late. It's more about getting started.

    EDIT - I just noticed that your title mentions TUPE so I assume you are in the UK. My example was US-centric so I presume it's quite a bit different in the UK with TUPE. Hopefully, folks in the UK on the forum can comment.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks Paul78 for the comments. I think I'll proceed with studying and see what comes of the transfer. Worst case, they will make me redundant anyway.
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