Anyone else had payment issues with eLearnSecurity (for eJPT)?

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I've been trying to get started with learning the eJPT, but man it's been rough. It's been a full week since I tried paying them and I STILL don't have access to their study material (and they are very slow to respond). Am I the only one that's having issues getting signed up?

I signed up for their $400 plan for the eJPT and was really excited to get started.... but then I got an email saying that I need to send them a picture of my drivers license and a picture of the card I used to pay for it!?!? I've taken many exams, but I've NEVER had to do this before. I emailed them back saying I'm not going to do that and asked if there was any other way to verify who I am.

2 DAYS LATERthey emailed ma back saying that's their process, but as a work around if I don't want to give them that information, I need to use PayPal as my payment method. I immediately email them back and let them know that I DID use PayPal as my payment method. ANOTHER 2 DAYS LATER they emailed me back saying that they will escalate my ticket and now ANOTHER 3 DAYS LATER I still haven't received an update.

I was really excited to get started and even set aside time to start studying immediately, but I just can't win with these guys. They're so slow to respond that I swear if it wasn't for all the great reviews people have gave them on this site, I wouldn't even bother anymore. I'd love to get started and I'm in a good place to learn something new, but I don't understand what the problem is.
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    I had the exact same issue where they asked for verification. i was wary as well until i had looked through a past thread about it and enough people vouched for elearnsecurity that i decided to go ahead and submit it.

    i bought mine last friday (Nov 2) and like you was excited to start that day but got the verification email. submitted it an hour or two later. didnt hear anything back by Monday. emailed them. they told me itd take 24 hours. ended up getting the approval email Tuesday afternoon (Nov 6).
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    I went through the same process when purchasing eLS 4-in-1 bundle in 2015. Here's the mail

    Dear XXXXX,
    We are thrilled to have you on board.

    However we need further checks before we can open your account.

    Kindly provide us with the following documents:

    a scan of your government ID with photograph (passport or driver license)
    a scan of your credit card. You can hide the first 12 digits.
    You can upload your documents here:

    Your name and photo should be readable and supported formats are PDF and JPG and ZIP.

    ***Please do so within 5 days to avoid order and payment rejection***

    We will review your documents and quickly approve your order.
    Thanks for your cooperation!

    -eLearnSecurity Anti-Fraud Team

    P.S. We are doing so to limit the huge amount of fraud attempts we receive every day.
    Feel free to hide info that you deem sensitive (besides full name and photograph).
    Please note that we will store your file in encrypted format and only during this reviewal process.
    We will immediately remove it afterwards.
    You can hide info that you deem sensitive. Everything from payment to verification was completed within 2 days.

    FWIW, I went through a similar identity verification process when purchasing PWK course just recently.
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    They finally gave me access to the study material. I ended up not having to give them any additional information, but the whole progress was slow and disappointing. I don't understand why it took over a week, but what matters in the end is I can start studying now. Excited to finally get started. icon_thumright.gif
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