Isaca CyberSecurity Audit Certificate.

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Has anyone done this yet or have any insight. I'm curious to what is the difference between this and CISA.
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    I'm not sure but it looks as though it is more focused on the technical controls (i.e. firewalls, networks, etc.). I know you saw this but:

    After this course, you will be able to:
    • Understand security frameworks to identify best practices
    • Identify cyber and legal regulatory requirements to aid in compliance assessments
    • Perform cybersecurity and third-party risk assessments
    • Define threat and vulnerability management including ISAC (Information Sharing), common cyber-attacks, penetration testing, and red team/blue team/purple team exercises
    • Enhance your asset, configuration, change and patch management practices
    • Assess network security from security architecture to traffic analysis to segmentation to data loss prevention
    • Audit application security using SDLC controls and OWASP best practices
    • Distinguish between firewall and network security technologies
    • Identify weaknesses in cloud strategies and controls
    • Identify the benefits and risks of containerization
    I just applied for my CISA certification (passed the exam in 2016) and I was thinking about getting this certification to enhance my knowledge.
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