GIAC Passed Tips, etc.

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I took the training the week of October 15th and passed the certification 11/7. This was my first SANs experience and think I plan to prepare for the rest the same way. Going to do Sec511 next month.

This was a pretty difficult exam but if you are thorough you shouldn't have an issue. I consider myself to be a CCNA level guy at networking. I can hook devices up, make them work, and do some troubleshooting. I don't have extensive PCAP or tools experience nor do I build complicated diagrams or work with networking equipment as a day to day.

1. Start building your Index day 1 in class as you come across slides you feel are interesting or you know you'll want to come back to. Create an Excel document with columns for book number, color (if you want to color code your books), page number and topic.
  • By the end of day 5 you should have an Excel document a few pages long.
  • Go back over your index and make sure your topics are titled in a way that makes sense. For example, anything DNS related I would label: DNS - Zone Transfers. Once your index is done turn the sheet into a table and sort alphabetically by topic.
  • By the time you take the exam you'll find most topics you already know what book it's in but the book number column is still helpful.

2. The first week after your class you can either take your first practice exam to see where you're at or go through your books/labs again and add anything else interesting to your index then take your practice exam. The key is to keep momentum going from class and not to lose focus!

3. If you kill the practice schedule your exam and go for it! If you don't, use the report to go through your books/labs again and fill in your weak spots.

4. Take your (1st or 2nd) practice exam--you should be ready!
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