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Hi folks,
I am currently studying Wendell Odom's ICDN1 book. I have been using the Pearson NetSim lite software that came supplied with the book. I find it very helpful and have learned a lot from it.
I am now at the Chapter 10 and the software labs have run out and I need to decide whether to buy the full version of Netsim or not. Is it enough to get me through ICDN1?
I have Packet Tracer and have used it a bit, thing is though I find it both daunting and time consuming to even set-up the labs in Packet tracer. I don't even know if I have them set up correctly!

So my question to you more knowledgeable people..
1. Is Pearson Netsim enough to keep going with?
2. If not, then Packet Tracer is next best? Can anybody send me a youtube link ,etc about setting up the labs correctly in Packet tracer or even some downloadable labs that correspond with Wendell's book. I know Wendell has his own config labs on his website but I gather they're for GNS3.
Sorry for the long post, I'm a bit lost as to what to do next!
Thanks in advance folks :)


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    I would say if the money is not a big deal then go for the upgrade.

    Packet tracer has everything you need but if it is feeling overwhelming then maybe stick with whats working. Just keep in mind to do networking for a career you are certainly going to have to step out of your comfort zone occasionally.

    One thing to keep in mind. Don't get to many resources when your just starting out. CCNA has an unlimited number of options on the internet and trying to sort them all can become unnecessarily cumbersome. Just pick something and work through it.
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    Here are some PT Labs from Wendell's Blog that may help -
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