Boson NetSim 12

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I have been considering buying the Boson Netsim 12 CCNP package as I plan to continue onto CCNP once I have renewed the CCNA.

I already have some real equipment and GNS3 setup. Will the labs they provide an easy to follow process that would make the convenience worth the price? I have heard only good things about Boson which is the only reason I am considering this resource. Having an easy to follow lab exercise helps a lot when you are first learning new topics. I figure it can give me a quick review for the CCNA and then the real value would be keeping me interested in the CCNP.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone that has used there past versions!



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    I use Boson products quite regularly, but I'm lucky enough to have an employer that pays for it.  From my experience you can't really go wrong with their stuff.  It's going to do exactly what you want; give pretty easy to follow labs.  Their practice exams are very much worth it too.  IMO they tend to be more difficult than the actual Cisco exams.
    That said, Boson is expensive.  There are an endless number of free or cheap resources for labs out there.  If the cost of Boson products is going to put you under any financial strain then I would say no you shouldn't buy it.  There are more than enough resources out there at much lower cost to get the job done.  But, if you are able to spare the money, I'd wager you'll be pretty happy with it.
  • Jon_CiscoJon_Cisco Member Posts: 1,772 ■■■■■■■■□□
    So I broke down and bought the CCNP version of the NetSim. This is my first Boson product but I have heard enough about them that I really wanted to give it a try. Currently I am finishing up my MCSA so I should start working on the CCNA in February.
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