JUST PASSED CYSA+ (763/750) On 2nd Attempt*

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I barely passed, but a win is a win!

I took the CYSA+ on March, 2018 and failed (730/750); So life got in the way and i started to study for the CYSA+ on October 25, 2018 - November 11, 2018.

I spent most of the time, reading the Sybex CSA+ book exam summary and the highlighted/annotated notes i had previously documented; I went over the exam objectives and was able to define and explain the majority of information within the exam objectives. I then spent alot of time taking practice exams:

1) Read CYSA+ Sybex from Cover to Cover.
2) Udemy CYSA+ Practice Exams (11.99)
3) CYSA+ Practice Exam Book from Sybex:

Key Aspects:
1) No Time Issues (3HRs)
2) During simulations (Document on laminated testing paper)
3) The questions/output presented will be a paragraph worth of information; but the question being asked often may be completely indifferent to what was explained.
4) The exam is heavily predicated on Scenarios and has a few Simulations.

I purchase a voucher from Comptia Academic you need a .edu email account, but I saved a 140 bucks off my voucher, I paid only $215 for the exam. www.academic-store.comptia.org

I have found the exam to be very difficult, but much more pragmatic to real life, I work within the industry (3 years) and much of ability to discredit an option was from my experience mostly. Comptia did an excellent job in creating this exam it's for sure real life!

I took the CCNA Cyber Ops and it was more predicated on memorizing terms and frameworks; Despite my failures and barely passing this exam was fun to take and in my opinion better than CCNA Cyber Ops.

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    I thought I'd overstudied for this exam and it turned out that had I not--I likely would have failed. I agree and it seemed the exam was hard, but fair. Whereas the CCNA Cyber Ops exam (mainly the second part) was simply flawed.

    CCNP next? Wow you must be seriously motivated. I'm pretty put off from pursuing any more Cisco after Cyber Ops. 
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    @yoba222 Agreed, Cisco Cyber Ops consisted alot on memorization and seemed too boring. CompTIA seems to me more focused on the test taker judgment. 

    Yes, 2018 was odd!

    January 2018 | CCNA Composite | Failed
    February 2018: SECFND | PASS
    March 2018: SECOPS | PASS
    March 2018: Cysa| Failed


    September 2018: CCENT | PASS
    October 2018: CCNA | PASS
    November 2018 CySA+ | PASS

    TBH; i had figure CySA+ would have areas overlapping with CCNA Cyber OPs, but iCySA was much more difficult for me.
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    Congrats on the pass!! :#
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    Awesome 👏 Congrats!
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    Congratulations on the pass!!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats on the pass
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    Congrats on the pass!!
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    Congratulations on the pass!!!  I am in the process of studying for the CySA+ right now.  The material I am using is the Sybex book, Udemy courses (one with Jason Dion and one with Brent Myers), and the exam objective. 

    When I passed the Security+ Sy0-501 in July I would use material like Gibson.  I also went to Gibson's website and paid for a subscription.  One thing that helped out was the audio chapter exam topic reviews.  I don't have that with the Sybex book, so I decided to make recordings of myself reading the exam essentials for every chapter, so I can have it on audio and listen to it while I am at work.  Also helps me out with incorrect answers or anything I struggle with in addition to reading the whole book.  I am already halfway done with Jason Dion's course.  

    Anyway recording yourself reading might be an idea for anyone who is looking for audio, but struggling to find any audio.  Makes me wish Gibson had a subscription for the CySA+.  I definitely don't want to leave out anything when I choose to take this exam.  My field, but I can still fail it.

    Anyway, again.  Congratulations!!!  :smile:
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    Oh wow! You thought Cyber Ops was easier? I would of thought it was the other way around. The CySA exam is challenging, but fair. Jason Dion’s course and the All in one guide was I used to prep for the exam. 
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