Passed Network+ today

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I passed the Net+ today!icon_cheers.gif Scored a 752 which I am pretty happy with. I got some very unusual questions and some that I had no clue as to the answer! I guess common sense / logic mostly pulled me through this exam.

Well, now what? I've got the 70-270 scheduled for Thursday and my goal is to have my MCSA by the end of August. Hopefully thats not too arduous.

Might as well take advantage while the college is offering to pay for them!!!

Wish me luck!


edit: I want to personally thank Johan Hiemstra for his TechNotes! Very well done!!!


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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    To underpargolfer from 9 time 300 game bowler.


    Good Luck!
    With your ambitious schedule.
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    Congratulations! And thanks for the words about the TechNotes :D
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    Congrats on the pass! icon_cool.gif
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    Good luck on the MCSA exam schedule!
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    I took my exam this afternoon and I passed! I scored a 724/900. The majority of the exam seems to be troubleshooting and situation. Here are some tips I can give to future people while this is all fresh in my mind:

    They only asked me about ports 20, 21, 25, 80, 443, and 22. Either directly or through troubleshooting scenarios

    They asked me about AppleTalk and Apple File Sharing stuff (rendezvous)

    They asked how to connect a Windows client computer to a Novell 4.X server. They also asked what was the equivalent to Windows SMB/CIFS file system on a Novell system. That I did not know.

    ifconfig, HOSTS file

    Maximum distances:
    ISDN, which I had no idea how far ISDN could go. icon_sad.gif I guessed 8,000km

    WAP, WEP, out of range of WAP

    Understand the Class A/B/C subnetting

    Visual identification of cables and connectors:

    Token Ring:
    802.5, MSAU

    Straight through vs. crossover cable - know when to use which for certain scenarios.

    hubs vs switches vs routers vs bridges

    Very simple. Just know which networking devices fit into the OSI model.

    Yes, I had a question on 10Base2 even though this website's study guide said that this stuff would not be on the exam! It was! LOL. It was just one question asking if it was a bus topology.

    Multiple Answers:
    NONE! They were all 1 choice answers.

    Well, hope this helps some people. Your test may vary so take my experience with a grain of salt!
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    Was there anything in regards to TCP/IP utilities (ie. ping, nbtstat, tracert)?
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    Good Job!

    What all did you use to study? I'm taking mine in about a week.

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    Congratulations on the pass!

    It's no wonder you passed, you have a great memory. (Like about 2GB DDR!) And thank you for the excellant overview. It could be very helpful to some of us.
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    I am also planning to write mine pretty soon
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