3 Tests for MCSA, + 1 more test to get *2* MCSEs? Am I reading this right?

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I was looking to get an MCSA to start validating some of my Microsoft skills.

Originally I was thinking to do MCSA Office365, but I know nothing about ADFS currently, nor SharePoint and I know those are big portions of those tests per the requirement. Looking at where I can get bang-for-my-buck, I Checked out this PDF (direct link)
And it looks like several of the paths shown include MCSA Windows Server 2016.
in fact.... if I am reading this right.
from MCSA Server 2016, you add one test from the list below, and you get
MCSE: Core Infrastructure (in Jan 2019 once it's released) , and
MCSE: cloud platform and infrastructure. 2 MCSE's for one test above the MCSA: 2016?

I'm currently using ITPro.tv's trainings and practice tests to assess where I am lacking in knowledge and where to focus most of all with server 2016.

In a long goal, I would like to finish MCSA Office 365 too, as Office 365 is one of my areas of focus and I think that and Azure are only going to continue to become a larger demand


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    As it currently stands until 31st December 2018. Once you have an MCSA in Server 2016 or 2012, you can take one of the 10 elective exam pools which will give you MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure.

    When I passed all three of my Server 2016 exams, I took the 70-744 exam which gave me MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure.

    Starting Jan 2019, once you have an MCSA in Server 2016 or 2012, you can take one of the 7 elective exam pools which will give you MCSE Core Infrastructure as MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure will no longer exist in 2019 due to being retired.

    3 exams = MCSA, one more = MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure or MCSE Core Infrastructure depend on which year you take it.
    MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2016, ITIL Foundation, MCSA: Windows 10, MCP, Azure Fundamentals, Security+.

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