CCNP Route Frame Relay

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Hi all, can someone advise how important it is to be familiar with frake relay for the ccnp route exam.

I see on the exam blueprint a topic is to "explain frame relay", however there is very little mention of it in the OCG or FLG, aside from a few references when related to routing protocols.

Should I gain simply a theory based knowledge on the topic, or is config skills required?

P.S the reason im asking is we dont use frame relay in our environment, nor have I have I come across using the technology in the UK, and I dont want to spend alot of time on something thats out dated.


[X] CCNP Route 300-101
[  ] CCNP Switch 300-115
[  ] CCNP T-Shoot 300-135

[  ]  NPDESI 300-550

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    the route exam topics does include frame relay.  the tshoot exam does have a frame relay switch/router connecting all the routers together.

    maybe you can pass without knowing frame relay.  but your going to be taking a tough test without studying some of the topics.  That is quite a bit of a handicap.

    I prefer to study every topic thoroughly.  Then study some more.  It takes more of your time to do the studying.  And, I probably learn more than is necessary.  but I prefer going into an exam knowing I should pass, not wondering if I will.
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