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I've done the course and will be taking the exam in a few weeks.

Without breaking and NDA what format does the exam come in? Is it the same as the labs? Are you give a separate set of tasks any have to come back with an answer to each? Does the course cover EVERYTHING you needed to know? did anyone take the 3 days or fail?




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    Definitely following this one, as I have the same question and am getting ready to take the exam! 

    Good luck, triplea! 
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    I took the exam and passed. If you did all the labs and understand the materials you should finish in less than 8 hours tbh.

    Things to note
    - You can use your notes

    I could have finished in 6 hours but took 27 hours because I did not read the instructions clearly.

    Good luck.
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    Is it the same format as the labs they give you. eg an objective per lab?
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    Does the course cover EVERYTHING you needed to know?
    Yes, if you understand the content and the lab exercise. If you still have lab times remaining, suggest you practice labs a few times until you are familiar with the tools. You can refer to course material during exam. 

    When you start the exam, do read the PDF instructions carefully. 

    did anyone take the 3 days or fail?
    Not aware of any. FWIW, I finished the exam within 2 hours with 100% score.
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    Ive done all the labs. I just found a couple of times a command reference say that may not be clear.
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    Then you are ready. This is fairly easy exam

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    Also, read the eLearnSecurity forums. There are some people asking for help in there (they remove details), but they give some nice hints for things to brush up on and what to look out for. I've been doing that, and have a few things to check out and make sure I'm good to go. 
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    Im happy with what Ive done but will now be giving the labs another once over.

    Is more a case of asking what format do the exams take? Is it 20 different labs? Is it attack a single lab and continue til all answered? 
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    They give you an objective in 20 parts and leave it up to you regarding how you solve it (i.e., which tool to use at which time). There will be no instructions. All of that was in the labs. The exam will be a penetration test of sorts. They want you to apply what you've learned in the labs. Just make sure that you document your findings, because that info will get you through the test questions.
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