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Hey everyone,
I am a relatively new member here at TechExams, I joined basically right before the site switch so it has been an interesting change.

I have been interested in computers my whole life but never took the time to get certified so that's what I am doing now! I have been studying really hard for my Network+ and plan to sit for the exam next month. I feel super confident as I trudge through these videos by PM. I can't wait to post my results here. I am also looking to go for Security+ and MCSA. Maybe down the line, in a few years go for C | EH and CISSP and all kinds of fun certifications ahead. My end goal career path is cybersecurity... My biggest dream is to work at the NSA, and no that's not the spaceship, to-the-moon, agency. I hope to get to know everyone here and wish me luck on my Network+ exam.


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    We're glad to have you!

    Good luck on your N+! You got this!
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    My dream when I was a teenager was to work for the NSA. I don't think I'll even fulfill that dream, but at least I'm not doing too bad! :) Good luck on the Net+! 
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    Welcome... well i see  you and I have the sorta same goals . What we want to learn, and what our career is. For me it would be nice to work for a government agency on security or even a private company fighting the security threat we get every day. That's my goal or even being a pentester finding holes in system. I have a long way to go but for now I think i'm doing good for being a older guy. 

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    Welcome to the forum! I would suggest taking a look at the numerous posts about the OSCP here on the forums. It is a much better option over the CEH.
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