Proctored Exam at Home

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Hello friends.
I am not quite sure about it. I have heard that you can take the MS certification exam at Pearson Vue Testing Center Or from your home if your home computer/internet meets certain requirements like having enough fast internet, a camera, Microphone.
is that true ??


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    I am to take the CEH in mid Dec via proctored from home...Not sure about Pearson Vue, because the exam was like $250 more to take it at their facility. 
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    Yes, it's true.  Microsoft does proctored online testing for their certifications now.  I love not having to go to a test center.  I have taken lots of exams online from either my home or office in the past few years.  It's so convenient.  You just have to make sure you have an uninterrupted environment, a webcam, a CLEAR space, and a decent broadband connection.

    I have taken exams at home for WGU, CompTIA, and EC-Council.  The process is pretty much the same for all of them.   It's kind of weird at first because you have a stranger monitoring your screen and staring at you the entire time, but you'll get over it.
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    Thank you friends
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    I did the HDI customer service from home and the ITIL foundation.  Very odd, but better than going to a test center.
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    Hi scaredoftests,
    I have noticed that people saying, giving proctored exam from home/office is odd/weird, does it mean you will be seeing the face of the person always watching at you on your computer while you're taking the exam?
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    The ITIL you see a person watching (I am not sure of the whole time, because I was trying to concentrate on the test..) 
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    Oh, Ok that's weird than. I was thinking he might be watching but we won't see his face. That's a distraction :)
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    You don't typically see them watching you.  You minimize the conference software and the test is maximized in your browser.  Once you're done they contact you or you let them know it's over and they close it out.
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    Thank PJ_Sneakers
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    I have taken my last 2 exams like that. It's easy and very simple. 
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