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there is any one have Cism Q&A which purchased from isaca ?


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    Hi OP, 

    I would only recommend to purchase the CISM Q&A DB from the official ISACA website which is a subscription based purchase offered for 1 year the as minimum. I cannot comment on what you heard from that other person but ISACA does offer discounts on other exams once you have become a member / passed your exam I believe.
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    You can buy the paper book in lots of places.  Sometimes ISACA will do promotions to members.  When I got the online Q&A subscription I used a $50 discount code.  I recommend the online database over the book because it provides an actual test engine.
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    I agree with PJ, you better of with online Q&A subscription. Since it's for a year, you could practice QA's anywhere anytime  whenever you feel like. 
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    That's a good point.  I was able to use the online Q&A on my Android and iOS devices.  It was really handy for those times that I was stuck in a waiting room or something else that would have been otherwise unproductive.
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    Thanks for replaying my question and now how i can get discount from isaca and if any one already have online Database can he share with me only one screenshot from question to see how the questions and portal looked like 
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    They run specials periodically, especially for members of ISACA.
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