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Hi Everybody

I am revising for this beast using Exam Cram 2, and they say:
'Although Microsoft recommends trying the Last Known Good Configuration before Safe Mode, use Safe Mode first...'

My question is, if you were able to log on using Safe Mode, wouldnt that overwrite the values held in the Last Known Good Configuration, rendering it useless?

Also just to check I have this right, are the MS recommended disaster recovery steps Last Known Good>Safe Mode>Recovery Console>ASR?



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    I think i can explain these for you, please correct me if it's not quite appropratie. MS recommand Safe Mode-> Last Known Good. If your server is not able to boot and you've havn't done any modifications on your sever, always try to access safe mode first, also you are albe to perform many essential operations in this mode. If you've done something on your server, such as modify some settings, you should do the Last Known Good Configuration. The ASR doesn't really link with those two things, you use this while you have some problems with your system disk. Also to use ASR to boot your system, you should have the ASR flobby disk and the Windows 2003 Server CD. Hope this provides some helps. :D
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    As I remember from studying for the Windows XP exam, booting into Safe Mode will not make Last Known Good Configuration useless because when you log in in Safe Mode Windows will not overwrite Last Known Good information. (I can't remember what was the name of the control set). icon_redface.gif
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    Thanks for the help guys. :)
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    You are correct. Safe mode does not overwrite the last know good config. You have to boot up normally for that part to get overwritten.
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